Burial Vaults


The majority of today's traditional burial practices require the use of a grave liner/vault to be installed prior to the interment of the casket. These grave liners consist of steel, plastic, or concrete, with the most common being concrete due to its known durability and ease of fabrication. Vaults may be delivered to the cemetery and lowered in the grave plot to receive the casket during the interment ceremony, or they may be preinstalled as part of a crypt garden.


Cremation Vaults


Cremation Vaults are made to provide protection against water or other natural elements. A growing number of cemeteries are beginning to insist on the use of urn vaults because of their strength and their ability to provide structural integrity, thus preventing the grave from settling. Over the years, cemetery operations have changed dramatically, so that the use of heavy equipment is now common.


Serenity Infant Vaults


It is our sincerest hope that our Serenity casket vaults can provide you with one last opportunity to lavish your little one with all of the love, care, security and honor possible. To celebrate their life, and the joy that they brought to yours.